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Company History

EuBiologics Co., Ltd. is growing by leaps and bounds and contributing to global public health through innovative products and technology.


  • 10Established a joint venture company, EUPOP Life Sciences, with POP Biotechnologies, Inc. of USA


  • 12Received 20 Million Dollar Export Tower Award
  • 04Completed construction of Plant 2 (V Plant) in Chuncheon, Korea


  • 12Received 10 Million Dollar Export Tower Award
  • 03Started construction of Plant 2 (V Plant) in Chuncheon, Korea


  • 12Entered into the EcML Technology Transfer Agreement with KIST
  • 08Received WHO Prequalification certificate for OCV (Euvichol-Plus)
  • 01Listed on KOSDAQ


  • 10Started exporting OCV (Euvichol®) (including one million doses to Haiti, etc.)
  • 06Entered into the Long-Term Agreement with UNICEF for OCV (Euvichol®) supply


  • 12Received WHO PQ certification for OCV (Euvichol®)
  • 01Received export license for OCV (Euvichol®) from KMFDS


  • 09Expanded production facilities for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient for Euvichol® (w.v.600L)
  • 08Completed Phase 3 Clinical Trial for OCV (Euvichol®) in Philippines
  • 08Received investment from Global Health Investment Fund (GHIF) of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation


  • 12Received IND approval for Phase 3 Clinical Trial of OCV (Euvichol®) in Philippines


  • 07IND approved for Phase 1 Clinical Trial of OCV (Euvichol®) in Korea
  • 06Conducted Government Assignment for next generation typhoid vaccine (Small and Medium Business Administration)
  • 03Merged with EuBiopharm Co., Ltd.
  • 02Received the Venture Company Certificate


  • 12Performed the Technology Transfer and Feasibility study
  • 09Entered into the Technology Transfer Agreement for oral cholera vaccine (OCV) with International Vaccine Institute (IVI)
  • 03EuBiologics Co., Ltd. founded