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CEOYeong-Ok Baik Business Plan

Department of Micro-organism Technology, Konkuk University / Adjunct Professor

Korea Biotechnology Commercialization Center (KBCC) / Manager, Process Management

Production Management, Binex Co., Ltd., / Director

QA and Manufacturing, CJ CheilJedang / Manager

Ph.D in Biotechnology, Korea University

Bachelor & Master Degrees in Veterinary Science, Seoul National University

CEOSeuk-Keun Choi Manufacturing

Production Director / Medytox

LG Life Sciences Ltd. / Deputy General Manager, QC

CJ Cheiljedang / Assistant Manager, QA

Doctor’s course in Biotechnology, Korea University

Bachelor's Degree in Biology, Seoul National University

Vice PresidentKyeong-Ho Min Head of
Production Plan

Gwangmyeong Convergence Technology campus of Korea Polytechnics University / Professor

Korea Biotechnology Commercialization Center, KBCC / chief researcher

LG chem, LG Life Sciences Ltd. / manager

Ph.D in Biotechnology, Inha University

Executive DirectorYoung-Shin Park Head of Production
2 Division

Korea Biotechnology Commercialization Center, KBCC / Manager, QA

LG Life Sciences Ltd. / Assistant Manager, QA

Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry, Hanyang University

Executive DirectorChan-kyu Lee R&D Center

Chongkundang/Dept. Head, Biological Research Institute

Creagene / Team Leader, R&D Center

CJ / Manager, Biopharmaceutical Research Institute

Ph.D in Biotechnology, Korea University

Bachelor and Master Degrees in Genetic Engineering, Korea University

Executive DirectorYeong-jin Lee Business Development

KT&G life Sciences / General manager

CJ CheilJedang / Manager

Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacology, Seoul National University

Managing DirectorJeong-Sup Shin CQO

Green Cross / Manger, QA and QC

Doctor’s course in Molecular Science Technology, Ajou University

Bachelor & Master Degrees in Biology, Seoul National University

Managing DirectorSu-Hi Jeon Head of

Janssen Vaccines/Authorized Manufacturing Manager, General Manager

Celltrion/Purification Division, Deputy General Manager

CJ Cheiljedang/ Technical Support Team,Assistant Manager

Doctor’s degree in Bio Life Science, InCheon National University

Master’s degree in Biotechnology, InHa University

Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Chemistry, Seoul National University

Managing DirectorJune Bae Head of
Business Management Division

ESteem Co., Ltd. Managing Director

Boditech Med Inc. Managing Director

Member of New York State Bar Association

Juris Doctor, University of Pittsburgh School of Law

Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy, Korea University