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Product Overview


EcML® is a high quality product produced without complicated manufacturing processes like acid / alkaline hydrolysis or synthesis as Monophosphoryl Lipid A (MLA) is directly accumulated on the cell membrane of genetically modified E. coli. EcML® is used as a vaccine adjuvant, directly activating APC (Antigen Presenting Cell) expressing TLR 4 agonist,stimulating the production of cytokines and co-stimulatory molecules.
Adjuvants in biopharmaceuticals have been used mainly for human vaccine development to reinforce immunogenicity of vaccines until now. However, it has expanded its applications to other therapeutics such as oncology and treatment for autoimmune diseases, as its specific mechanism of immunity enhancement has been recently identified and immunotherapy to cure the diseases by regulating the human immune system in the limelight. EuBiologics is developing Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccines and EUPOP Life Sciences, a joint venture based in USA, is under development of the vaccine against COVID-19, Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), Herpes Zoster Virus (HZV) and Alzheimer’s Disease with EcML.
Product Name Monophosphoryl lipid A from recombinant E.coli
Product Purpose For research only
Usage Immunostimulant
Monophosphoryl lipid A from recombinant E.coli

Product Components

Escherichia coli

Product Information

Packaging unit To save Validity Purity
1.0mg, 5.0mg/vial
We can customize the product to customer's requirments
2 ~ 8℃ 12 months from manufacturing date above 95%